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10 Tasty Valentine's Day Dog Treats (Plus a few to stay away from!)

We love our dogs, and what do dogs love? People food. The second you bring a new pup through your door, you're welcoming home a living vacuum cleaner. While you eat, their eyes follow your every move...but can you blame them?

Most dogs spend their days eating dry kibble, so every dropped crumb is like a party for their palate. This Valentine's Day, why not share the love by giving them a treat that's both safe and sweet? Here are a few healthy snacks ideas for the big day. 

  1. Peanut butter- Packed with healthy fats, protein, and vitamins B and E, unsalted peanut butter is a treat that's dog tested, vet-approved!

  2. Carrots- Combine lots of fiber with vitamin A and not too many calories, and you have a perfect treat for dogs on a diet. They're also great to reduce plaque build-up between teeth cleanings!

  3. Cheese- Mmmm, cheese! Most mild cheeses are high in protein and calcium, and safe for your pet. The only caveat? Avoid giving your dog cheese if he/she is sensitive to lactose.

  4. Chicken- Skinless, boneless chicken breasts are great for dogs. Just make sure to skip the seasoning and remove any bones before serving.

  5. Salmon- While sushi and raw seafood are no-no's, cooked salmon is both safe and high in healthy omega-3s. Salmon is rich, however, so offer this surprise in small doses. 

  6. Yogurt- Non-fat yogurt with live and active cultures is nutritious and delicious. It's excellent for gut health, as long as it doesn't include any sweeteners or added flavoring.

  7. Eggs- Cooked or raw, eggs are high in protein and biotin, for the ultimate fluffy coat. If you opt to cook them, don't add any salt or pepper. 

  8. No-bake yogurt treats- A sinfully sweet combo of strawberries and naturally sweet coconut oil, these all-natural strawberry bites are perfectly pink. 

  9. Heart cookies- Hearty, healthy, and heart-felt cookies made with pet-safe icing.

  10. No-bake pupcakes- Who says dogs can't have cupcakes? This recipe has no chocolate or harmful additives, and it's people-friendly too! 


When the 14th rolls around, be careful to keep risky people treats out of reach of curious canines. All chocolate, alcohol, macadamia nuts, walnuts, and anything sweetened with xylitol is strictly off-limits.

The good news? All of the treats from our list are safe for both people and pets, so you can celebrate the special occasion together! 

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