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The Fresh Pawz Guide to a Thanksigving Meal for Your Dog



Dogs are part of the family, and as a Pet Parent your HypePet has a seat reserved at the dinner table. While you prepare your meal for you and your family, its common practice to throw a piece of turkey or a bit of ham to your dog. While Thanksgiving brings together friends, family and pets, some meals can prove poisonous to your dogs. So before you fix your dog a plate, you may want to avoid these foods for your dog:

Dat Turkey:

Savory, moist and a staple at any dinner, turkey proves one of the most harmful foods your dog can eat. Because the bird comes trifflin’ with fats, even just a small amount can prove harmful to your dog’s digestive system. Unlike humans, your hairy lil flexer cannot digest fatty foods—turkey skin, ham and even pie—and worse, giving your four-legged friend turkey can cause some serious diseases, like pancreatitis.


Pie, Pie, Pie

From apple to pumpkin to anything in between, Pie proves harmful because of the dough, dairy and even sweetener found inside. Sure, your HypePet will salivate at the sight of your peach cobbler pie, but artificial sweeteners found in most pies, like xylitol, can prove to be very unhealthy to your pets. Even worse, yeast dough can cause bloating, gas and painful bowel movements, and those can be unpleasant experiences for everyone!

Turkey Bones

Now, its common practice to throw the turkey bones over to your dog to chew on, but most people don’t understand that even bones from poultry can cause harm. Poultry bones, when cooked, can splinter or puncture your dog’s digestive tract if swallowed. Even worse, small pieces of bones can easily cause choking for a pet and its best to play it safe and avoid throwing your dog a bone. Also, bones, especially off the freshly cooked turkey, will contain oil, grease and fatty contents that you don’t want your dog consuming. 


Good Ol' Stuffing

Stuffing may seem harmless—bread, onions and garlic—what can go wrong with that? A lot, in fact, garlic and onions alone are extremely toxic to dogs and can cause life-threatening anemia if given too much.

Mashed Potatoes

When you finna throw down in the kitchen, mashed potatoes are a must for any Thanksgiving feast; however, not the best choice for your dogs. Most mashed potatoes will contain butter and milk (unless you’re making boxed potatoes, and if you are, thats a whole nother issue!!). Together butter and milk can cause plenty of digestion problems and even diarrhea, especially for pets with a lactose problem. 


You’re probably laughing and saying salad….on Thanksgiving? The diet starts Monday, not today! Well, salads with raisins or grapes can also prove harmful because grapes and raisins become difficult for a dog’s stomach to digest. Even worse, raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure in your pets.


Play it safe, prepare a nice, dog-friendly meal with food intended for them. Happy Thanksgiving!