Do Dogs Really Like Wearing Clothes?

February 26, 2020

Every holiday as you stroll through the aisles of Petsmart, there's at least one rack of painfully cute dog clothes. At Freshpawz, we obviously have a thing for dog fashion, but before we designed our collection of hoodies, we asked the all-important question: Do dogs even like wearing clothes? 

Here's What We Found Out

Dogs aren't so different from people. Some of us like long sleeves, some of us don't. Some of us run hot, while others kick up the thermostat to 80. Many dogs are naturally comfortable in clothes and adapt to them easily, while others just aren't into it. 

Dogs who like wearing clothes tend to be on the smaller side, have short coats, or both. Elderly dogs and those with slender body types also appreciate the extra insulation of an extra layer. Even in spring and summer, cool nights can give a teacup Chihuahua the shivers, and even bulldogs can use a cozy sweater now and again. 

Our Hoodies Are Designed Based on Dog Anatomy

No, we're not joking. Sure, all dog outfits have some similar features, but the details make a substantial impact on your dog's comfort. Our hoodies are lightweight and soft. Even the seams are soft to avoid irritation to sensitive skin! 




We also have a few lighter items that are perfect for dogs who would prefer something a little less warm, like this Furberry checkered button-up

Sadly, most Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes aren't going to take to wearing clothes. Breeds like these are built with warm, thick coats are already equipped to deal with icy weather, so skip the clothes and opt for something fresh but functional. Fresh Pawz harnesses are ultra-padded and come in tons of patterns and styles, so your dog can rock streetwear in comfort. 

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