Fresh Pawz x Nordstrom: We’ve Arrived at Nordstrom

June 05, 2018

Ever wonder what it takes to get a small brand into a large retailer? It’s filled with legal requirements, brand development, brand awareness, and consistency. What most retailers look for more than anything is getting one simple question answered. Why you? Why should we bring you into our stores? What Separates you?

For some brands, they found the formula—they provide something new, something different, not necessarily revolutionary, but a fresh style. Brands take an every day product, and make it new and refreshing.  Other brands invent something new, and retailers jump at the opportunity.

For Fresh Pawz, we provided something different, a breed of products that catered to the new wave of dog lovers. Fresh Pawz wanted to provide streetwear dog accessories that divated from the path of traditional, boring dog leashes and collars. We wanted something with character, color and filled with a street edge. Now, Nordstrom will feature our full line of Fresh Pawz products and gear. Head over to Nordstrom and pick up your Fresh Pawz gear.

You can check them out via this link - Nordstrom x Fresh Pawz

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