Pawkier Acquisition

October 20, 2019

From the beginning, our goal was to be the official streetwear brand for dogs. With our acquisition of Pawkier, we continue to work toward our goal by providing customers a catalog of some of the most iconic streetwear dog clothing & accessories. Pawkier has built some iconic staples when it comes to dog streetwear, their off-white inspired leash and rain jacket being the most notable. These Pawkier items will continue to exist, but will now become branded as Fresh Pawz.


Pawkier Overview and Strengths

Fresh Pawz decided to acquire Pawkier because of their likeminded streetwear aesthetic and their network of influencers they've obtained, and large customer list. The brand garnered a lot of attention, gaining nearly 20k in instagram followers and publications posted on major blog sites such as Hypebeast and High Snobiety. The branding and content built by Pawkier aligned itself with Fresh Pawz, making this the perfect union. With Fresh Pawz large network of retail partners and Amazon partnership, it allows us to introduce a full new catalog of products quickly to the market.


The Future for Pawkier

Pawkier has a ton of unreleased products that will now be released under the Fresh Pawz label. Expect to see some of these items sprinkle in through this Holiday 2019 and Spring 2020.




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