Fresh pawz affiliate faq

How Does the Affiliate Marketing Program Work? 

Affiliate Marketing uses specially embedded links and banners to track each sale you refer to us. These links ensure your high-traffic website directs pet customers to our website. After each sale, we track and award commission that your website produces.  

How Do I Sign Up? 

Signup via HERE to get started.

Can Any Website Join the Program? 

Because we want to attract streetwear dog owners, we accept applications only from websites that are relevant to dogs or streetwear. Relevant applicants include dog blogs, dog social influencers, streetwear websites, veterinarian sites and even retailers. However, websites offering discounts, coupons and incentives are not accepted.

Does It Cost Anything to Join? 

Nope, it’s completely free to participate and join.

What If I live Outside the United States? 

We don’t discriminate. Everyone is welcome. However, commission payments will be made in USD.

What If I Have Multiple Websites, Do I Submit Multiple Applications? 

Nope, upon applying you can add all your websites.What Is Your Commission Rate? 

We offer a 12% commission rate.What If I Own a Higher Volume Affiliate, Am I Eligible for Higher Commission? 

Yes, Fresh Pawz will review higher volume affiliates on a case-by-case basis.

What Is the Minimum Annual Sales Threshold? 

No annual sales threshold is required to remain in the affiliate program; however, commission checks will not start to arrive until after $50 is earned.

Can I Receive Fresh Pawz Discounts as an Affiliate? 

Unfortunately, no, but you can earn commission for orders you place through your own links.

Can Fresh Pawz Images Be Used on My Websites? 

All Fresh Pawz content comes protected by copyright. We remain the sole owners of the content. Our images cannot be repurposed or reused in the general design of your website.

When Will I Know My Acceptance to the Program? 

A confirmation email will be sent from Refersion confirming your signup. Once we review the application, you will receive an approval status.

How Do I Create Links to Fresh Pawz? 

Adding links and banners is easy. From Refersion, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions for how to create links and banners that will direct customers to Fresh Pawz.

How Many Links Does My Site Need? 

Well, you can put as many or as little as you’d like. It’s your website!

How does Refersion, the Affiliate Program, Track Conversions? 

Refersion, like most affiliate programs, uses cookies that automatically track conversions. These cookies keep track of the clicks from both banners and text links using the unique affiliate ID number generated from Refersion. Each time a customer clicks on your banner or link, your unique affiliate ID is used, tracking each sale.

How Do I Know I Added a Link Correctly? 

If you copy and paste any link and you’re taken to the Fresh Pawz website, your links are working!

When Is Pay Day? 

We send out payments monthly once a balance of $50 or more in incurred. If the balance is below $50, the balance will roll over to the next month.

How Will I Be Paid? 

We send payments via direct deposit.Can I See My Sales and Revenue Report from Refersion? 

Yup, all your sales and revenue generate will appear on the affiliate app. Just log in to see your sales.

Can I Contact You About My Sales and Revenue Report? 

No, only you can review this data from Refersion using your login.

What Is Your Cookie Policy? 

We apply a 60-day policy, meaning that if within 60 days a customer visits our website from your site, you will earn a commission on the sale. However, the customer cannot delete their cookies within those 60 days for this to take affect.

Can I Earn Commission Credits for Products On My Site That Lead to The Sale of Other Products? 

Yes, if a customer clicks on any product, but buys something different, you still earn the credit.

How Do Returns Affect My Commission? 

Any product returned or refunded because of fraud or disputes will be debited from your account. However, we work hard to ensure no fraud is committed, and more importantly, people rarely return dope dog gear.

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