Care Bears x Fresh Pawz

December 07, 2018

A product of the 80s, the Care Bears grew into one of the most iconic cast of characters, spreading positivity, love and adoration for more than 30 years. The same message of love and adoration can be shared between us and our dogs, and because of this idea, we found it fitting to make this into a collab and allow our dogs to share and enjoy the fun.


Launching in mid-December 2018, the Care Bears x Fresh Pawz collab will feature all the necessities, each etched with some of the most memorable characters from the series, like Cheer Bear, Share Bear, Funshine Bear and even Grumpy Bear.


The collection aims to capture the love, color and joy these bears have created for more than three decades, and combines the collection with the signature materials and quality Fresh Pawz remains known for. Each product will come made from the same pastel-colored print pattern that will pop and add some character to that only Fresh Pawz knows how to add to your dog.

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