Q&A Featuring @oohmyromeo

June 08, 2019


- What’s your Instagram?

- Hometown? 
Austin - Texas

- Birthday? 

- Where did your name come from? 
From Shakespeare romantic and tragic story “Romeo and Juliet”

- Who influences your style? 
Tupac . I love cool big hoodies like him.

- What are your favorite streetwear brands right now? 

- Favorite Sneaker?
Love Nike Air Force 1

- What’s your favorite thing to do? 
Go hiking

- What’s your Biggest fear? 
Skate boards

- What do you do when your parents aren’t home?
Just chill , take a little nap.

- What’s your Favorite snack? 

- Biggest human pet peeve? 
Being ignored

- Favorite Song? 
Gin and Juice - Snoop Dogg

- Any Shout-outs?
Live your best life like me lol

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