Match Your Stylish Pup with a Killer Fresh Pawz/Hot Topic Collab!

January 21, 2020

Love your pup? Of course, you do. 

Now, you can be as fly as your furry best bud! Hot Topic is now carrying Spongebob themed Fresh Pawz gear, and the pop culture retail giant also carries a huge line of Spongebob merch for people! 

While your pet rocks a Spongebob hoodie, why not throw on a matching hat

Or maybe mix and match an ultra-comfy Fresh Pawz harness with a distressed Spongebob tee

The options are unlimited! 

For an extra dose of attitude, opt with this one as a reminder to always keep things fun with your canine partner in crime. Head over to Hot Topic to grab something from our Spongebob line, or shop all our collections right here. Enjoy!

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