November 22, 2019

- What’s your Instagram?

- Hometown? 
los angeles , ca

- Birthday? 
02/14/19 valentines day ;)

- Where did your name come from?
 my mama likes to call her love ones BB so when i came along it was faith!

- Who influences your style?
 my mama influence my style!

- What are your favorite streetwear brands right now? 
@freshpawz all day!

- Favorite Sneaker?
nike air force 1! it matches with everything!

- What’s your favorite thing to do?
im a foodie that loves to eat and try new treats! also, i love daily walks, agility courses, socializing with other pups, playing with my toys, naps, learning new tricks and being with my mama❤️

- What’s your Biggest fear? 
being a bad boy

- What do you do when your parents aren’t home?

- What’s your Favorite snack?
 i love all snacks, but my current favorite is chicken breast :P

- Biggest human pet peeve?
 being left alone for too long

- Favorite Song?
 anything drake relate! “ i only love my bed and my mama im sorry”

- Any Shout-outs?
thanks freshpawz for having me!  follow my mama on ig @victoriamynguyen


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